There is more to a successful internet marketing than just having a well-designed website that is properly optimized to attract visitors. Namely, having a search engine optimized content and eye-catching graphics will attract visitors to your site and retain them, but this does not mean that you are anywhere close to achieving your web marketing goals.

This is because visitors to a website don’t necessarily purchase the products or services on offer. Hence, you need to focus on website conversion, and look for ways to convert the visitors to purchasing customers. However, you can only achieve this when you have a true image of your online business endeavour.

This calls for a sound analysis of your site’s conversion rate. Hence, you need a system that will help you determine a visitora’s activities that led them to be your customer. In order to realize a successful conversion, you need to know what the visitors to your website are looking for, take a decision as the website’s owner what you would want them to do, line-up the proper strategies, and measure the success rate of those strategies.

When it comes to defining and implementing a successful conversion path, Digital Web Solutions has the ideal tools, and you can bet on them to help you achieve your online business goals.

At Digital Web Solutions, we offer Conversion Analysis and Conversion Optimization to all kinds of websites.

Increased site usability

Brand Awareness

Shopping Cart Testing

Increased Traffic

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Website Analysis

With website analysis, you can easily identify the various factors that can potentially undermine your website’s ranking in the SERPs. You can count on our experts to handle this for you.

Landing Page Optimisation

If you want to grab visitors attention over to your offerings, you need to optimize the landing page for relevant keywords and enlightening content. Digital Web Solutions is the industry frontrunner when it comes to Landing Page Optimisation.

Google Analytics Implementation

With Google Analytics Implementation, you can easily keep track of your website’s traffic. This is beneficial for evaluating the performance of your landing pages.

Conversion reports

If you want to know the number of visitors getting converted into customers, then you should take advantage of conversion reports, which present you with every detail you need.

Usability & navigation analysis

When you understand the user’s experience, you are better placed to improve your site to meet the user’s needs. Usability & navigation analysis makes this possible.

Funnel analysis

Funnel analysis helps you evaluate the conversion rate based on user’s behaviour, and highlight problems that could undermine conversions.

Checkout process analysis

Running a checkout process analysis will give you a comprehensive report on any existing loopholes in your online business.

User experience analysis

In order to better user experience on your site, you need to execute user experience analysis to gauge whether or not the user is comfortable navigating your website.