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Social medium is a catch-all term for sites that provide drastically different social actions. For example, Twitter is a social networking site designed to let people share short messages. Facebook, in distinguishing, is a full-blown social networking site that allows you to share updates, join events, photos, and do a variety of other activities. Despite its popularity, social media marketing still remains the new kid on the marketing blog, with networks like Instagram and Pinterest just hardly cutting teeth as compared to mature and popularly used channels like email and print.

In this epoch of online marketing, social media marketing has taken a giant leap as a perfect medium for reinforcing the brand value of various businesses. Various top-notch brands and SMEs have been taking the benefit of social media platforms for targeting their potential clients. The biggest advantage that social media offers is it allows you to connect millions of people simultaneously, which is a good sign for augmenting the potential customer base and creating the brand awareness. Social media platforms are the two-way communication channels where you can have the feedbacks and suggestions of the targeted group of people, unlike television adverts.

Social media marketing is undoubtedly the cheapest means of communication for all the brands and business out there in the market for making an excellent profile of their company and get good customer. There are certain myths about social media marketing, and maybe it’s high time to stop believing these social media myths. Here are some of them that might be in your mind and will be crushed by the end of this article.

Myth #1: Only big brands make it big
This is one of the biggest myths going around on social media. Everybody feels that only big brands can make social media campaigns successful. This is not true. Even small business can earn a great deal of business on social media via regular and targeted posting irrespective of it being a new company or brand on the social media front.
Myth #2: Timing does not matter
Timing is the key whenever you are looking for effecting targeting of your user-base. It is very important that you ensure that you post as per local timing of your target market. It is a waste of time, if you are posting as per US timings and your clients are in UK.
Myth #3: Always go for Facebook (1.2B Users)
It is a big myth that one should always try and target the biggest of the social networks. I would not say that you should avoid targeting it, Facebook at the current moment but still if you are a product based company targeting more female market rather than the male group, I would suggest going for Pinterest given its current metrics; just to quote an example.